Robert Geiger is a seasoned and highly accomplished C-Level Executive Leader with 25 years of cross-functional executive leadership experience in software and technology driven B2B and B2C companies. Robert is an innovative executive leader, creative thinker, problem solver, and dynamic collaborator who enjoys working with high performance C-level teams.

Robert possesses a rare blend of both highly refined executive management and marketing skills combined with solid Microsoft, Linux and Open Source based software technology experience. Robert has demonstrated cross-functional success in c-level strategy and execution that bridges corporate leadership with high technology product development, marketing and sales.

Ideally placed as CEO/COO of a small to mid-sized software technology driven company (or GM/EVP/VP/Director of a similar division of a larger company) in a transitional growth phase requiring cross-functional leadership, acquisition integration, reorganization or just plain turnaround and rehabilitation.

Executive Summary

ZenGo Corporation, 2002 to present

Founder & CEO. Providing innovative leadership to growth phased B2B software technology based companies in transition and turnaround/rehabilitation situations. C-Level Cross-functional executive leadership, team development, training and mentoring. High level B2B and B2C product marketing and management leadership.

Delivering insightful Cross-Functional Executive Leadership, design, development and execution to:

  • Transitional, Turn around and Growth phase B2B B2C Software Technology companies
  • Strategic product oriented marketing and executive teams
  • Integrated On & Off-line product marketing campaigns
  • ROI results driven C-Team leaders

Our past results have cleaned up and prepared 3 companies for successful multi million dollar acquisitions, and the successful asset purchase of MetaRecon (Metagenix see below) for 4.7 million dollars. We are adept at full cycle service including strategy & tactical planning and implementation, team formation and ROI driven C-level executive leadership.

Speaker, Presentation Coach, 2011 to present

Speaker, Coach & Facilitator.
Presentation, training and speech coaching for executives, professionals and speakers. Facilitator and speaker for corporate meetings and events.

  • Expert facilitator for high level business meetings, trainings seminars.
  • Keynote speaking for corporate events.
  • Speaker delivering seminars, workshops and keynotes focusing on business management and marketing related topics encouraging organizational excellence.
  • Past president of BORN Toastmasters professional speakers group in Cary, NC

Current Professional Activities

Office Automation Systems, NC, 2006-2007

Director of Product Development. Led company wide software technology product development activities producing enterprise class software solution for Secretary of State offices around the country.  

Developed and Executed core CMMI® level  1, 2 and 3 cross-functional processes across the company resulting in delivery of a high quality, stable enterprise software solution.

I was recruited to fix this company’s dysfunctional systems and prepare the company for acquisition. My efforts resulted in making the company a desirable acquisition target and the company was subsequently sold.

CAVU, NC, 2005, 2005

Director of Product Development.Recruited by CAVU to lead and repair cross-functional software product development activities for their enterprise class licensing software solutions serving government regulatory agencies around the country. Results: 

  • Drastically improved customer experience satisfaction
  • Significantly improved the ability to deliver high quality, stable enterprise software.
  • Redesigned cross-functional relationships between departments in: Customer Experience and Support, Change Management, Product release engineering, and project and account management.
  • Designed, developed and executed proper product management and release engineering processes to coordinate customer change management and enhancement requests with overall product release scheduling.
  • Executed the required cross-functional process improvements across the company for an overall CMMI upgrade from level 0 (non-existent) to a respectable level 3.

Overall, I designed developed and executed drastic improvements in overall cross-functional processes between sales, marketing, operations, development, customer experience and support, and management leadership and reporting.

Improving this company’s operations led directly to it’s successful acquisition by Iron Data.

Metagenix, Inc., NC, 1998-2002

Co-Founder & VP Product Development. Executive Leader of all software technology product development activities and teams.  

After 3 rounds of venture capital funding, Metagenix sold our product, MetaRecon, for 4.7 million dollars in a asset purchase to Ascential Software. Ascential was subsequently acquired by IBM and the MetaRecon product is now a centerpiece of IBM’s data management toolset under the name of Profile Stage. MetaRecon was built on a combination of Windows clients and Open Source based server technology.

Effective Systems, L.L.C., NC, 1995-1998

Founder & President

  • Designed, developed, executed and sold Zero Defects Home Manufacturing Quality Assurance system.
  • Lead design architect for Medic Computer Systems/A4 Medical Patient Charting system.

Information Management Services, Inc., NY/NC. 1987-1995

Founder & President.

  • Designed, developed, executed and sold shrink wrapped nationally marketed Windows, multiple award winning, contact manager, ClientWorks. Client works competed well with ACT and Goldmine in the sales oriented contact marketing space.
  • Designed, developed, executed and sold vertical market International Banking Industry software technology solution: L/C PLU$ – Letter of Credit system.. This was the first “Windows” product of it’s kind on the market.
  • Account Manager and Project Leader in over 40 consulting client and product development accounts.

BASIS Software, Inc., NY, 1985-1987

National Marketing Manager for this IBM Real Estate Industry Application Specialist software technology firm for IBM Midrange systems. 

  • Established a ground breaking, innovative national distribution channel leveraging IBM’s international network of IAS affiliates (other IBM partner companies in over 50 states). We recruited these firms to sell our product for us, requiring IBM to redesign their compensation systems to accommodate our innovative approach.
  • Design and subject matter expert on all Real Estate software product requirements including commercial and residential brokerage, property management and investment analysis products.

Other Executive Experience

Seven Peaks Publishing, 2010

Co-Founder and President. Corporate online publishing and Internet marketing venture.

  • Created and Published “Social Media Marketing for Sales Forces” 12 week video training course.
  • Created #1 Amazon best selling book, “Write your Skin a Prescription for Change,” by Rodan & Fields, creators of the ‘ProActive’ line of skin care products.

Department of Motor Vehicles, VA, 2008

Senior Consultant to core Business Process Re-Engineering team of over 120 people.

  • Cross-Functional Executive Leadership coach and trainer for Enterprise Wide Business Process Re-engineering team.
  • Designed, developed and executed processes for collection and documentation of all DMV user and system based use cases.
  • ust

  • Trained the Change Management Facilitators.
  • Coached process extraction and documentation.
  • Selected and Executed implementation and use of leading edge CASE tool system for documenting and driving downstream new software development.
  • Trained downstream software development team in translating gathered requirements to actual software.
  • Designed and Documented all processes using the Agile ICONIX® UML use case design driven methodology.

The Virginia DMV was desperate to stave off a detrimental brain drain with over 50% of it’s senior executives retiring over the next few year period. We averted the impending loss of this critical expertise by successfully capturing it – for the entire enterprise – in well organized and useful ICONIX driven documentation and replacement system specifications directly suitable for the development teams future work.

In just under a year, we accomplished every goal we set and did what the previous contractor (a “beltway bandit” so we heard) with a team 3 times the size could not do in nearly 3 years of work. We even took it one step further and drove the specifications and requirement to working code in a 6 week proof of concept that was a raving success.

Create & Attract Publishing, 2006 to 2011

Co-Founder, Publisher. Internet Media and Expert business publishing company to forward a conversation for transformation in the world.

  • Created best selling book and complete online expert business infrastructure and marketing for a best selling author and internet information based business.
  • Packaged, published and marketed numerous online video, audio and information products.

WiPods – Tablet driven Push-Advertising startup, 2004

Founder and CTO. Conceived and designed Advertising Kiosk based product for this Technology based startup.

  • Product targeted to leverage tablet based kiosks in medical practices prior to the Smartphone boom.
  • Designed, Developed and Executed prototypes using embedded Redhat® Linux for portable tablets and servers.

While did not get the funding we were looking for, but it was fun building the client and server tablet systems for selling and displaying targeted local ads. We did, however, sell our IP.

NC DHS Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) RFP Team, 2003

Senior Consultant on Cross-Functioanl Executive team for creating the largest RFP in NC History for the replacemcent Medicaid Management Information System.

  • Served as senior technology expert for data based requirements stemming from over 27 years of legacy COLBOL data and subsequent data migration, warehousing and ETL requirements
  • Explored and documented feasibility of replacement MMIS system requirements and options.
  • Documented technical and user data issues and processes for consideration in final RFP.
  • Formulated specific recommendations for RFP itself and evaluating RFP responses.

Medic Computers, Senior Consulting Architect, 1996-97

Senior Consulting Architect. Architect and team leader in the development of HIPPA compliant integrated Medical Practice Management systems, clinical information systems for managed care and management services organizations, integrated delivery networks, and physician practices.

Other Professional Experience

BORN Toastmasters, Raleigh NC

Recent Past President of this advanced Toastmaster International professional speakers group. As an early founding member, have served the club in a number of capacities from board member and recent past president, to hosting special events and delivering special training events on business models and information products for speakers.

Entredot & Cary Innovation Center

Volunteer Executive Business Coach & Mentor. Supporting Entredot and the Cary Innovation Center’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship in the Triangle, mentoring entrepreneurs and growing the organization through recruiting, marketing and education. For example, mentored the Cary Citizen hyper local online publication in developing and expanding their business model during 2013.

Capital City Club – Business Alliance

Designed, delivered and executed 2012 educational program for Online Business Navigation workshop year long monthly series.  Personally Delivered Five 2-hour executuve workshop sessions.

Council for Entrepreneurial Development, RTP, NC

FastTrac Tech (a Kouffman Foundation Program) Instructor and Executive Business Coach to High Technology Startup Companies.


  • Co-inventor on patent behind IBM’s WebSphere Information Analyzer product. 2000
  • Open Source enthusiast since 1999
  • Gold Medal winner for Client/Server category in the Droege International Developers Competition in Durham, NC. 1994
  • Accomplished pianist and keyboard player enjoying a wide variety of musical styles.


New York University

Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Concentration in Economics, Management and Finance. Teaching associate in Real Estate Finance.  B.S. Economics.

Student Association of the State University of New York

Vice President for Community Colleges.  Represented 32 Community Colleges and over a million students across the state.  Negotiated passage of a state law granting the student member of the board of trustees on community colleges full voting rights.

Suffolk County Community College

Founded a student government, served as President.  Elected student member of the Board of Trustees.

St Anthonys High School, NY


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